1. Place beacon near product / offer
whooshk beacons can be placed on wall or product
2. Customers within their proximity receive offer
Deliver in-store offers or product info to target shoppers
3. Generate more engagement and sales
Track shopping habits, build brand awareness and loyalty
Tag your products with beacons and start smart engagement

Using a beacon is the future. Being able to advertise products and allow customers to see similar items when in close range of the beacon can benefit a business:

  • Tracking can be used to view the popularity of products and who is buying them
  • Never letting a consumer miss an offer
  • Help understand consumer preferences and current trends
  • Can take advantage of growing use of e-commerce
Attract customers near your store and enhance their shopping experience

Let the wooshk app remind customers of previous purchases and view other items they may like to encourage more purchases in the future. This can be based on buying habits.