Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bluetooth marketing?

Bluetooth marketing is a form of proximity mobile marketing that allows businesses to send adverts to mobile/cell phones for free. This can be achieved using a device like the wooshk beacon – which is a dedicated Bluetooth sending device that enables the free transfer of content between mobile devices using a Bluetooth signal.

What businesses use Bluetooth Proximity Marketing?

Pretty much any business or service that operates from a fixed location can implement a proximity marketing strategy. Examples of sectors using proximity marketing include…

  • Retail stores and supermarkets
  • Hotels
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Shopping centres
  • Tourist attractions
  • Local authorities
  • Emergency services
  • Stadia and live events
  • Landlords, property developers/investors
  • Leisure/amusement parks
  • Car dealerships

Public officials giving speeches at community events can, for example, provide important public-service announcements or event information to constituents in the audience. Trade-show vendors marketing their products at an event can send promotional or educational information to the attendees from their current ‘popup location.’

Retailers can place beacons near key products to attract customers and passers by with product information or notifications of special offers or discounts.

Who am I marketing to with Bluetooth Proximity Marketing?

With more than six billion mobile phones in the hands of consumers today and with the numbers steadily climbing, phones have become the basic necessity of the 21st century. This makes just about every consumer with a smart phone potentially susceptible to a proximity marketing campaign, particularly younger, tech-savvy shoppers who are more likely to own smartphones and use them while shopping.